Five advantages a gaming desk has over an Office Table

Five advantages a gaming desk has over an Office Table

If you’re looking for a new computer desk, you’ve seen a couple that call themselves “gaming desks”. However, what distinguishes a gaming workstation from a regular Office Table? In brief, a gaming desk is designed with features that make life easier when playing video games. 

Every year, cooler, better gaming workstations are produced thanks to the industry’s ongoing innovation and evolution of features. There are still a few advantages we’ve learned to anticipate in a genuine, purpose-built gaming desk, though. Here are some of the most significant advantages that you can count on and ought to search for in a gaming desk.

Built-in storage accessories

If you’ve ever spilt a drink on the table while gaming, you know firsthand how much a simple cup holder can change your life. Luckily, these keyboard protectors are becoming more and more popular on most gaming desks. A cup holder is just one accessory that you can expect to come with your gaming desk. 

Other popular built-in features that help keep your desk organized are headphone hooks and cable management. Typically, you’ll find the headphone hook attached below the tabletop. This way, you can keep your headphones off the table but still within reach. Combined with cable management like grommets and outlet trays, a good Gaming Chair will make it easy to keep your desk organized and clear.

Tailored mousepads

One of the most annoying things when gaming is when the mouse sticks out from the edge of the touchpad (looking at you FPS gamers). Luckily, many gaming desks today come with large mouse pads designed to fit comfortably on the desk. There are even desks like the Eureka Ergonomic GIP-P60-B, where the entire surface of the 60-inch desk is perfectly covered by a mouse mat. With a desk like this, running out of mouse pads is a thing of the past.

Cooler designs

Previously when buying a new desk, you could choose white, black or wood colour. All offices look more or less the same. Well, with gaming desks, you have even more options! The old white, black and wood colours are still available but now there are more options like carbon fibre and pink! The leg design also goes beyond the usual four-legged table. 

Z-shaped gaming desks and I-shaped gaming desks have become popular due to their stability without the need for additional reinforcement. The most common style you see today is a black carbon fiber textured surface with RGB LEDs integrated into the edges of the desk. The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S is a perfect example of this classic style of gaming desk.

More Stable

 If you’re considering spending your hard-earned money to upgrade your computer desk, you don’t want it to wobble and creak. The modern gaming setup has more components than ever before. It’s no longer surprising to see computer setups with three monitors, giant gaming PC towers, streaming microphones, cameras, and lights! 

With all this equipment, it’s good that gaming desks have kept up the pace. Some of the best gaming desks are capable of supporting up to 600 lbs, and desks weighing between 200 and 300 lbs are now the norm. Even height-adjustable ergonomic gaming desks are capable of handling these crazy loads at full height.

Height is adjustable and ergonomic

Yes, today’s gaming desks are height-adjustable and ergonomic. The demand for specialized gaming desks has increased so much that desk manufacturers have started producing their own gaming desks. Height-adjustable gaming desks are ideal for people who do more than just gaming in their setup. 

Using a standing desk when working is good for your health and helps you work effectively. Some people even like to stand while playing games! No matter what you do at your desk, having the freedom to stand is one of those things that once you try, you’ll never go back. 

Wrapping Up

There are significant advantages to owning a gaming workstation, regardless of whether you are an avid gamer or only play sometimes. Modern gaming workstations, with their adjustable height and true ergonomics, are excellent work desks, even if you’re not a gamer. Consider some of the gaming desks currently available if you’ve outgrown your existing desk or are simply searching for an update.

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